AIP Affiliate Model

The AIP Affiliate model allows solutions integrators to more readily and cost-effectively enter the AI market in order to serve their SME clients. AIP facilitates this opportunity by providing Affiliates:

  • Resources - access to resources on a pay-per-use basis eliminating significant up-front fixed costs and allowing their clients to access the same AI capabilities as their larger competitors
  • Data - ability to allow SMEs to scale anywhere, at whatever speeds, with remotely hosted operations
  • Leadership - provide the expertise, tools, access to AI talent, and resources to support the implementation of AI
  • Talent - eliminates the need for the SMEs to hire AI software engineers, as the Affiliates will have access to the resources that allow SMEs to outsource AI in a matter or weeks rather than years.
  • Commercialization - focus on supporting SME clients and assist the SMEs in determining the ROI from in implementing AI

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